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First-Rate Home Improvement Services

Enhance the beauty of your precious neighborhood with our top-notch home improvement services. You'll hardly recognize your distressed property once FlipEm Shel of Washington, DC, is done with your establishment.

House Renovations

Make way for progress in your communities as we assist you in rehabilitating residential properties in the DC area. We intend to reach our goal in replacing boarded up apartments and other living areas, as well as fixing distresses houses.

What We Do

FlipEm Shel is a company that directly handles neighborhood improvement. Our first step is to purchase the home, then we leave it to the hands of the purchase contractors to complete the restoration of the living area.

Commercial Remodeling

For now, we are focusing on residential houses and apartments. In addition, we hope to increase our capabilities and range of clients, including restorations for larger properties, such as hotels in the future.

Contact us in Washington, DC, for our dependable home improvement services.